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Can a California Notary perform In-Person Electronic Notarizations? YES!

Notaries with a current commission may perform In-Person Electronic Notarizations (IPEN). Online Notary Center is an electronic seal licensed vendor and provides a free electronic seal with your notary plan purchase.

**IPEN and RON Explained**

IPEN and RON are two distinct methods of electronic notarization. Although they both involve electronic processes, they have notable differences.

**IPEN (In-Person Electronic Notarizations)**
IPEN stands for in-person electronic notarizations. As the name suggests, this method requires the signer to be physically present in front of the Notary during the notarization process. The signer's identification is verified by the Notary using the same procedures as a traditional notarization. The documents are presented digitally, and the signer uses an electronic signature to sign them. The Notary employs an electronic seal and signature to officially notarize the document.

**RON (Remote Online Notarizations)**
On the other hand, RON refers to remote online notarizations. Unlike IPEN, RON allows the signer to be in a different location from the Notary. The entire notarization process takes place online, usually through a video conference. The signer's identity is verified remotely, typically by presenting identification documents electronically. The documents are signed digitally using an electronic signature, and the Notary electronically notarizes the document using a digital seal and signature.

While both IPEN and RON involve electronic notarizations, it's important to understand their distinctions. IPEN requires physical presence and in-person verification, while RON enables remote notarizations through online platforms.

California notaries are currently unable to register as a RON commission, however, setting up your account now only positions you to be one of the first California Notaries once the approval is made!

If you’re asked for a description of the technology used by our platform, you can copy this:

    Electronic Technology Description:

    Online Notary Center can confirm that an electronic document presented for the performance of an electronic notarial act is the same electronic document on which the electronic notarial act was performed. The system also enables an electronic notary public to affix the wording of a notarial certificate and seal the document to prevent tampering using a digital certificate. The electronic notary and the signer have the ability to affix their electronic signatures and other relevant tools such notary seals and custom text.

For further details on rules and fees, please check the California Secretary of State website.

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Can a California notary perform in-person electronic notarizations?

Yes! With Online Notary Center, you can start performing notarizations. All in-person electronic notarizations are free with our annual plan.

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What does the online notarization process look like?

The notarization process is completed 100% online through our website’s virtual notary rooms.

With a notary subscription, you’re able to schedule meetings with your clients and generate invitation links for the session. After clicking their links, signers verify their identities using knowledge-based authentication. Then the signer and notary are connected into a virtual room, where they can see the document on the screen and complete the notarization together.

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