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Our Online Notary service helps you notarize documents online instantly!

Online Notary Center allows you to get your documents notarized online by a remote online notary. Our notaries are available to assist you with your online notarization requirements. Notarization of a document has never been this simple, fast, and secure.

Fast & Secure

Our system is designed with the latest security technology and optimized at every development level for speed, security, and reliability.


We have built a user-friendly desktop, web, and mobile platform to get your documents notarized as simply as possible from anywhere, any time.

Fanatical Support

We provide a seamless support service to assist you in notarizing your documents online.

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We Are Fanatical About Support!

Helping you every step of the way. Our experienced reps are always here to get the answers you need when you need them most. Contact our Online Notaries

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Designed to work with companies of all types and sizes, Online Notary Center helps to close transactions quickly, easily, and safely. We are here to help you stay ahead of industry shifts. Visit Our Business Center

Technology-Focused Security

Our platform operates on the latest technology ecosystem and is optimized at every level of the development stack with security and reliability.

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Grow Your Notary Business With Us. Notarization without hassles. Our desktop, web and mobile platforms are built for your clients to notarize documents quickly and efficiently. Why Choose Our Platform? Click here.

How It Works

We provide a dependable solution for legally notarizing documents online. Instantly connect with our certified notaries anywhere, anytime.

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Our client love our platform and our team is dedicated to fanatical customer support.

Excellent precise services!

It is great to do quickly affidevit with the right contents i have submitted. Overall process was very well organized.

Highly Recommended - Easy, Quick, Helpful, Cost-Effective

This is a such a seamless and easy service, and my notary has been pleasant and so helpful in each instance.

Quick and Easy to Use

This was my first time using an online notary service and I was very happy with it. The entire process was completed in a matter of minutes. The instructions were clear and easy to follow, and the notary was helpful and made the process very smooth. Will definitely use this for future notarizations!

Great for multiple signers in various…

Great for multiple signers in various parts of the country. The notary was super patient with us as we had to familiarize ourselves with the process, and then we were done. Super easy! Will definitely be using this for my clients (I'm in real estate)

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Why More than 100,000 Businesses Use Online Notary Center
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Online Notarization is legally binding in all 50 States, even though your notary may come from another State. Learn More

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For Businesses

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Your Security
Built into everything we do

Our e-signatures are trusted by global brands and small businesses nationwide.
With us, you can be certain that every transaction is secure and legally binding.

Data Encryption

We encrypt all your data that we store. We use SSL encryption and TLS multi-layered encryption that exceed industry standard and state compliance protocol.

Internal Controls

We work to protect your personal information through monitoring, internal checks and external tests. We continually work with States on anti-fraud measures.

Trusted Partners

In any of our work with our business partners, security always comes first.

Your documents are stored in secure AWS data centers.

Frequently Asked Questions
Do I need a webcam?

Yes, you'll need a camera and microphone on your device to electronically notarize. We recommend using your computer, but you can use your phone if you don't have access to a computer with a webcam.

What is the notarization process like?

The notarization process is completed 100% online through our website. Make sure you have a working webcam, and then upload your documents to start the notary process.

You’ll be asked to authenticate your identity, so have a government ID ready. We’ll ask for a picture of the ID and for you to answer some knowledge-based questions. As soon as you’ve passed, you’ll be connected with a certified notary.

My documents need more than one signer/witness. Can I add multiple people?

After you've uploaded your document, you'll be asked to add the names of all the signers who will join the video session.

For any additional signers you add, you can select whether they will be sharing a device with you or if they will be using a separate device. If using a separate device, the additional signers will receive an email with an invitation link to join the session. Make sure they're ready to notarize at the same time as you.

Please note that there is an additional charge for each signer/witness. See our pricing page for details.

How do I download the documents?

When the session finishes, you'll be taken to a payment page. Enter your payment information, and your notarized documents will be ready to download on the next page.

We Are Fanatical About Support!

We are here to assist you with notarizations. Connect with our world-class support team.